May 24, 2012

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Black beauties with Blonde Hair:


About a quarter of the population on Solomon Islands are people with very dark skin and blonde hair. The Solomon Archipelago is located in Oceania, east of Papua New Guinea. This area consists of thousands of islands and the islands are populated with 95% of Melanesians. Scientist believe this unusual characteristic comes from European genes.  The connection between goes back to about 1893.  Scientist say the genes may be from the British, German and Australians. The local people of the Island like to partially disagree and say the blonde hair comes from their rich diet of fish and frequent exposure to the sun.









These black beauties are really showing everyone that there is more of the world and faces that we don’t know about. Bleach blonde hair or natural blonde hair is beautiful. People have used the word “ mutation” and “weird” when describing these people but there is nothing weird about it. These unique people and their hair is absolutely beautiful! 






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